Dont’t be afraid
to love someone
totally and completely
Love is the most fulfilling
and beautiful feeling in the world
Don’t be afraid that you will
get hurt
or that the other person
won’t love you as much
There is a risk in
everything you do
and the rewards
are never as great
as what love can bring
So let yourself get involved
completely and honestly
and enjoy the possibility
that what happens
might be the only real
source of happiness


aku berbicara atas nama kebenaran
aku berteriak atas nama ketulusan
aku bertahan atas nama kemuliaan
aku akan terus berjuang atas nama kesucian

kuharap matamu mampu melihat
kuharap telingamu mampu mendengar
kuharap kau mampu berfikir
dan membuka hati nurani mu

janganlah kau tutup matamu
janganlah engkau menutup telinga mu
janganlah engkau sempitkan fikiran mu
dan… janganlah engaku ingkari hati nurani mu

marilah kita berbicara dengan kebenaran
berteriak atas nama ketulusan
dan melangkah dengan hati nurani.