Webserver for Nokia

Mobile Web Server

Mobile Web Server, also known as Raccoon, consists of a port of the Apache web server to the S60 smartphone platform, and a connectivity solution that provides a mobile phone with a global URL and with HTTP access to it. That is, you can now host a globally accessible website on your mobile phone. Cool, eh?

The software is open source under the Apache 2 license and can be downloaded from SourceForge.

Not ready for the bleading edge? In that case, try the consumer oriented productization of Raccoon at http://mymobilesite.net.

Source : http://wiki.opensource.nokia.com/projects/Mobile_Web_Server

PAMP (Personal Apache MySQL PHP)

The acronym AMP refers to a solution stack of software, usually free software / open-source software, used to run dynamic Web sites or servers. The original expansion is as follows:

  • Apache, the Web server;
  • MySQL, the database management system (or database server);
  • PHP and sometimes Perl or Python, the programming languages.

The combination of these technologies is used primarily to define a web server infrastructure, define a programming paradigm of developing software, and establish a software distribution package. (From Wikipedia)

This stack, commonly used on Linux and many other operating systems is now available in a personal context for your S60 mobile phone.

Source : http://wiki.opensource.nokia.com/projects/PAMP

Phyton for S60

Python for S60 is Nokia’s port of the Python language to the S60 smartphone platform. In addition to the standard features of the Python language, PyS60 provides access to many of the phone’s uniquely smartphone-y functions, such as camera, contacts, calendar, audio recording and playing, TCP/IP and Bluetooth communications and simple telephony.

It’s open source, under Apache 2 and Python licenses. You can download the source for the latest release from SourceForge.

…and what it is really about is making it not only possible but also easy and fun to hack these wonderful gadgets.

Source : http://wiki.opensource.nokia.com/projects/Python_for_S60


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