Unable to install Perl Switch.pm module

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If you want to install the Switch.pm Perl module into your system Perl config, there are two methods of installing it:

Install it through the Ubuntu repositories.
Install the .pm through CPAN.
At this time, both will provide the current version of this module(2.16).

Installing Switch.pm using the Ubuntu repositories:

From the command-line, the installation can be completed by running the following command from the terminal (Ctrl-Alt-t):

sudo apt-get install libswitch-perl
Within Synaptic, right-click on the libswitch-perl package, select Mark for installation, then click on the Apply button.
Within the Ubuntu Software Center (USC), search for the phrase libswitch-perl, highlight the package and select install:
Installing Switch.pm using CPAN: If you would prefer to install this via cpan, follow these instructions:

Open a terminal(Ctrl-Alt-t).
Enter the command cpan.
At the prompt cpan[1]>, type install Switch.
Once completed, Type exit.
The Switch.pm Perl module will now be available for you to use in your scripts.

Jika sudah selesai, lakukan instalasi ./installralus

Kemudian lakukan patch dikarenakan ada bug di VRTSralus yang tidak dapat dijalankan di ubuntu 14.04 keatas / debian 7 keatas

lakukan instruksi seperti website dibawah


kemudian jika sudah jalankan servicenya “/etc/init.d/VRTSralus.init start” kemudian cek port nya apakah sudah terbuka atau belum “lsof -i tcp:10000”