Interview Questions with Answers for CCNA Level Jobs

Interview Questions with Answers for CCNA Level Jobs

Q. What is a router?
A. A router is a device that connects more than one physical network, or segments of a network, using IP routing software. As packets reach the router, the router reads them and forwards them to their destination.

Q. Discuss wireless networking.
A. This is a network configured to use communication techniques such as infrared, cellular, or microwave, so that cable connections are not required.

Q. Discuss WAN (wide area network).
A. A WAN is extended over longer distances that a LAN (local area network). It can range from a few miles to across the world. TCP/IP is the primary WAN protocol and was developed to provide reliable, secure data transmissions over long distances.

Q. What is OSPF?
A. Open Shortest Path First is a routing protocol that supports the concept of a core area to which everything attaches.

Q. What is BGP?
A. Border Gateway Protocol is used for routing between networks on the Internet core, and it supports many advanced routing features.

Q. What is an autonomous system?
A. An autonomous system is a community of interest. Used in conjunction with routing protocols, it breaks up parts of the network into manageable chunks.

Q. What is dial on demand?
A. Dial on demand is a technology that only activates network connection when “interesting” packets are to be sent across the infrastructure.

Q. What mask would you use to supernet two class C addresses?
A. The subnet would be

Q. What is VLANing?
A. Virtual LAN is used on large LANs to break up the network into smaller broadcast domains. This creates communities of interest. These communities can be based around organizational structures.

Q. What is CIDR?
A. Classless Internet domain routing is used in conjunction with classless routing protocols to summarize the Internet into smaller routing tables.

Q. What is VLSM?
A. Variable Length Subnet Mask is used to allocate the amount of address space required by the end network.

Q. What is a class D IP address?
A. Class D addresses are multicast addresses.

Q. What addresses do multicasts start with?
A. Multicasts start with the address

Q. Which name resolution system is implemented with TCP/IP by default?
A. Although WINS is a name resolution that is implemented by TCP/IP by default, it only works on Windows-based networks. The only true name resolution system that almost every TCP/IP networks uses is DNS.

Q. You are the administrator of a 100-station Ethernet network. Your users are complaining of slow network speeds. What could you replace your hub with to increase your network throughput?
A. A switch would increase performance by making virtual, direct connections between sender and receiver. A bridge and router would actually decrease performance because these devices introduce latency into the communication.

Q. Which TCP/IP utility is most often used to test whether an IP host is up and functional?
A. The Ping utility is the most often used TCP/IP utility because it allows you to test individual hosts.

Q. Which utility can you use to find the MAC and TCP/IP address of your Windows NT or 2000 workstation?
A. The ipconfig utility is available for both these operating systems. It displays information like the MAC and TCP/IP address of your workstation as well as other TCP/IP configuration information.

Q. Which utility can you use to verify a packet’s path?
A. The tracert utility traces the route from the source IP host to the destination host.

Q. Which WAN technology uses digital signaling from sender to receiver?
A. The T-series of WAN connection (such as T1, T3, and so on) uses digital signaling from sending hardware to receiving hardware.

Q. Which remote access protocol can run over both serial and parallel connections?
A. Because PPP doesn’t contain a physical layer specification as part of the protocol, it can run over any kind of medium.

Q. What Microsoft TCP/IP protocol can be used over the Internet to create a secure, virtual network?
A. The Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) allows you to create a secure, virtual connection between two points by tunneling one protocol inside another. Usually, a PPP connection is opened over a TCP/IP link.

Q. Which type of firewall checks for a current communication and the next packet needed?
A. A proxy provides firewall services by keeping track of all communications sessions and “prefetching” the next packets.

Q. Which type of security uses a file that identifies predefined IP addresses that are allowed to send data through a router?
A. Access Control List security uses a file (the ACL) that identifies which addresses can send data through a particular firewall or router.

Reset ECB-3220

How do I reset my ECB-3220 to the factory defaults :

  1. plug in the power.
  2. wait for 30 seconds (for the device to load Linux).
  3. push in the reset button and hold for 10 seconds.
  4. The unit will default to the bridge mode and ip address of
  5. you may have to repeat this process several times.
  6. If you can not access the address after several resets try pinging the broadcast address of you should get a reply from the actual ip.

What is the default ip address of my ECB-3220 :

  • The default ip address in bridge mode is and in ap mode  
  • If you do a hard reset it will default back to bridge mode and

Coba Aplikasi QXDM dan QPST

Habis ngoprek modem CDMA saya yang berchipset qualcomm ternyata kita bisa analisis sinyal kita dengan menggunakan software QXDM (Qualcomm Extensible Diagnostic Monitor) yang dipadukan dengan QPST (Qualcomm Products Support Tools). Ingat ini software ini berfungsi jika perangkat anda berchipset QUALCOMM bukan yang lain.

Begini caranya :

      • Install software QPST  (Qualcomm Products Support Tools) dahulu, setelah itu  install softwre QXDM (Qualcomm Extensible Diagnostic Monitor), lebih baik disconnect dahulu modem anda dan tutup software modem anda agar port tidak crash dengan software QXDM  (Qualcomm Extensible Diagnostic Monitor)

    • Kemudian buka Device Manager di komputer anda, lihat port “3G Wireless – Diagnostics Interface” pada PORT berapa?

    • Kemudian buka QPST Configuration, lalu pilih tab “Port” kemudian klik “Add New Port…” .

    • Kemudian pilih port yang sudah dicek pada no.3, jika port anda tidak muncul hilangkan saja centang pada “Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostics port only”. Jika sudah pilih port lalu klik OK.

    • Maka pada tab port yang tadinya kosong akan terisi dengan pilihan anda pada no.5

    • Kemudian buka software QXDM Professional, pilih Options > Communications.., Pada bagian communication pilih “Target Port” yang sudah di set di QPST Configuration lalu klik OK.

    • Jika sudah konfigurasi port maka tinggal kita lihat analisis untuk melihat BTS yang kita gunakan sekarang dengan cara pilih menu View > New > CDMA 1xEV > HDR Pilot Sets, nanti akan muncul jendela HDR Pilot Sets dari modem kita

    • Kemudian jika ingin melihat menu lainnya yang juga berguna pilih menu View > New > CDMA 1xEV > CDMA 1xEV Rev. A > HDR Rev. A DRC-DSC-ARQ Buffer Metrics, nanti akan muncul jendela  HDR Rev. A DRC-DSC-ARQ Buffer Metric dari modem kita

Keterangan :

  • -100dB = Sinyal sangat buruk
  • -70 dB = Sinyal cukup bagus
  • -40 dB= Sinyal sangat bagus

Kentang Lagi ke 3

Liburan dirumah maen ke ruangan server sama bapak saya, dan ngoprek mesin komputer server SPARC dengan sistem operasi SOLARIS 8. Wuih adem ruangannya. bbrrrr. 😀 pulang terus jalan-jalan sama adek saya dan bapak saya ke Bekasi Cyber Park Mall buat nyari makan. Si ibu dirumah soalnya ada kakak bapak sama istrinya mau maen ke rumah jadi ga bisa ikut jalan-jalan. Ini sih juga bukan buat jalan-jalan intinya tuh lagi benerin jaringan pakai mesin server SPARC, jadi aja si ibu ga bisa ikut yang bisa ikut cuma si adek.

Lagi-lagi gue dikerjain sama makanan yang namanya kentang. Entah kenapa pacar saya pasti ketawa kalau saya ngomong kentang. ^^v karena punya cerita khusus waktu di McD Bandung dan KFC Bandung.

Begini ceritanya :

Saya : “mbak ini udah dapet french fries belum?”

Si Pelayan : “belum mas”

Saya : “ya udah, pesen satu french fries yang medium”

Si Pelayan : “baik nanti diantar ke meja ya mas”

Saya : “ok”

udah tuh dianterin ke meja, disana udah ada adik saya dan bapak saya. Pas mau makan saya ngobrol sama adik kurang lebih begini :

Adik : “mas bukannya dirumah ada kentang yah?”

Saya : “wee..biarin biar enak makannya”

langsung makan dan menghabiskan makanan yang ada disitu semuanya, terus ngobrol-ngobrol terus saya beli modem CDMA EVDO Rev.A terus pulang deh. Habis pulang si bapak dan si ibu langsung siap-siap buat kondangan ke tetangga soalnya anaknya ada yang hajatan nikah. Gue langsung ngoprek modem CDMA EVDO Rev.A nya di komputer deh. 😀

Entah kenapa waktu percakapan saya dan adik sedang ngobrol lalu saya ceritakan ke pacar saya, dan ternyata apa?  dia tertawa terbahak-bahak. Beuh malunya daku sudah dipermalukan oleh makanan kentang 3x. Tapi tidak apa-apa sih soalnya buat lucu-lucuan juga buat saya dan pacar saya. Hehehe. :p